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Discover Syros

Syros is situated in the middle of the Cyclades and with its 84 sq. km, it is the 11th largest island of this group. It is situated to the southwest of Tinos and to the west of Mykonos and Delos. Its name is Syra or Syros originating from the Phoenician name Ousyra that means 'wealthy' or from Ousoura that means 'happy'.

It is a beautiful island, with a magnificent Hora, nice beaches and excellent food. It combines history, religion, tradition and glamour of past and present times.
The shipyard of Neorio is still operating in Syros and it is one of the few around Greece. Years ago, Neorio used to be one of the most famous shipyards in the world. Even nowadays, is a great financial resource for the island, since many local people work there in an effort to preserve the long shipping tradition.




Discover Syros